Cardiopulmonary and Cardiovascular

Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy is focused on the physical function of the cardiopulmonary to prevent cardiopulmonary disease and help those with cardiopulmonary disease function better. It can also benefit people who are in perfect health by improving heart rate recovery times after exercise and reducing their likelihood of suffering from deadly heart attacks.  Cardiopulmonary Physical Therapy is extremely important to people recovering from heart attack or any type of heart surgery.  Patients with pulmonary fibrosis, heart valve replacement, post coronary bypass surgery or coronary stent placement can be treated with cardiopulmonary physical therapy.  Cystic fibrosis and lung cancer patients, as well as those with lung diseases, require Cardiovascular Physical Therapy.  Patients with heart and circulatory problems also use this type of physical therapy after surgery to increase range of motion and endurance.

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